So you ask what are MEGA-Ticks?

I was taking a POWERING UP nap in my easy chair when GOD gave me MEGA-Ticks!

It has to do with CHALLENGES or PROBLEMS as some of you call them.

Many times these CHALLENGES/PROBLEMS look MEGA to you and I. They seem OVERWHELMING!

As you and I know TICKS are ANNOYING and even DANGEROUS as they carry Lyme’s Disease! They are the Dracula’s of Nature!


However with GOD these MEGA-Ticks are not MEGA and they are easily REMOVED with HEAT of GOD or as HE showed me as a CO-PARTNERSHIP!

Hopefully the slogan below our RealityDesigner heading reflects that in order to be EXTRAORDINARY we MUST have GOD as our CO-PARTNER to REMOVE the MEGA-Ticks!

Hugh Simpson
God’s Co-Partner


We’ve heard the real estate agents say their mantra is LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.

Well the SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR like myself has to continually repeat his/her mantra: FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!

That led me to drop projects that were on the drawing boards or even in existence to FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS in the ones you see listed under Current RealityDesigner Projects.

There is MORE than enough as you will see to keep me busy for YEARS to come!

Hugh Simpson

Joe Abraham

Yes we will return to Harry Browne in the next post; however what I’m going to share today I am SO glad I discovered on a TED video presented by Joe Abraham.

I had NEVER heard of Joe but I IMMEDIATELY resonated with his TED talk on Entrepreneurial DNA. I think that by watching this VIDEO you will understand why I wanted to share Joe with you as we look at REALITY DESIGNING.

Hope you watched the video and it helps you to understand where you fall in the matrix.

So here is what I found out about Joe at his WEBSITE:

“A professional entrepreneur for the better of two decades, Joe has started up, grown and exited companies in technology, lead generation and professional services. Since 2005 he has served as an award-winning advisor to early stage and late stage owner-operated companies.

“In 2011 he authored Entrepreneurial DNA: The Breakthrough Discovery That Aligns Your Business to Your Unique Strengths (McGraw Hill).

“Joe has been featured on FoxNews, CNN, NBC, CBS and numerous nationally syndicated radio shows on topics related to entrepreneurship and small business growth – and serves as advisor to entrepreneurship programs domestically and around the world. He is also a keynote speaker on topics related to entrepreneurship, innovation, entrepreneurial behavior and free enterprise.”

Hugh Simpson

Avoiding The Morality Trap

Harry Browne says to ask yourself these questions:

“Is this rule something that others have devised on behalf of ‘society’ to restrain individuals? Or have I devised it in order to make my life better for myself?

“Am I acting by an old, just-happens-to-be-there morality? Or is it something I’ve personally determined from the knowledge of who I am and what I want?

“Are the rewards and punishments attached to the rules vague and intangible? Or do the rules point to specific happiness I can achieve or unhappiness I can avoid?

“Is it a morality I’ve accepted because ‘someone undoubtedly knows the reason for it’? Or is it one I’ve created because I know the reason for it?

“Is it a morality that’s currently ‘in style’ and accepted by all those around me? Or is it a morality specifically tailored to my style? Is it a morality that’s aimed at me and against my self-interest?”

Hugh Simpson

Absolute Morality

As Harry Browne says there are three kinds of MORALITY TRAPS: individual, absolute and universal.

Speaking about ABSOLUTE Morality Harry says:

“An absolute morality is a set of rules to which an individual is expected to surrender his own happiness. There are two main characteristics of an absolute morality:

“1. It presumably comes an authority outside the individual. It comes from someone or somewhere more important than the individual himself.

“2. It proposes that the individual should be ‘moral’ regardless of the consequences to himself. In other words, doing what is “right” is more important than one’s own happiness.”

So how do you handle the MORALITY TRAP?

Harry says:

“There’s no way someone else can become your authority; the decision will be yours in choosing the morality you’ll live by — even if you choose to cite someone else (you’ve chosen) as the authority for your acts.

“And there’s no way you can ignore the consequences to yourself; a human being naturally acts in terms of consequences.

“The absolute morality fails on its two important characteristics. Even if you choose to believe there’s a higher authority, you are the authority who chooses what it is and what it is telling you to do. And since you’ll always be considering consequences, even if you try to fix it so that you aren’t, it’s important to deliberately recognize the consequences and decide which ones are important to you.”

Hugh Simpson

Avoiding Intellectual & Emotional Trap

Yes this advice below from my mentor, Harry Browne, solves both challenges:

“To achieve genuine, durable happiness, you have to recognize your emotional nature and intelligently think ahead to create situations that will trigger happy emotions from your unique nature.

“Then, when your plans have produced what you wanted, you can disregard your intellect, relax, and just feel.  You’ll be able to act spontaneously within that context because you’ve eliminated any possibility of bad consequences.

“Then  you can allow yourself to be engulfed in a flow of genuine positive emotions.

“And that’s what life is all about.”

Hugh Simpson

The Emotional Trap

As my mentor, Harry Browne, explains this trap is the opposite of the INTELLECTUAL TRAP.

Here is what he says:

“…you’re in the Emotional Trap if you decide to propose  marriage because of a sudden infatuation. Or if you decide to quit your job while  engulfed by anger at your boss or associates. Or if you decide to respond to  sexual arousal in ways you’ve already realized could cause trouble for you.

“These emotions are very real and must be recognized. But you can’t make the best decision at the moment you’re engulfed by them. You’re bound to overlook many important considerations.”

Hugh Simpson

The Intellectual Trap Part 2

So here are other ways you can wind up in the INTELLECTUAL TRAP according to Harry Browne:

” You’re in the Intellectual Trap any time you try to censor your emotions so they’ll conform to an intellectually determined standard, no matter how plausible the standard.

” You’re in the trap when you believe you shouldn’t feel warmly toward someone you’ve been told to dislike. Or when you decide you should admire someone whom “everyone knows” is a great person (Presidential candidates!). Or when you believe you should love your mother — even if there’s nothing lovable about her.

” You’re in the trap when you continue to do something long after you’ve stopped enjoying it, or if it’s something you never enjoyed much to begin with, or if you’re bored by most everything you do.”

AMEN Harry!

Hugh Simpson

The Intellectual Trap

The second trap is the INTELLECTUAL TRAP according to my mentor Harry Browne:

“You’re in the Intellectual Trap when you try to deny your bad feelings — such as hate, fear, jealousy, or guilt. Or when you hold back tears because “crying isn’t manly.”

“You’re in the trap when you try to deny  good  feelings — such as infatuation for someone who’s “wrong for you,” or enjoyment of something that’s frowned upon, or when you try to make yourself feel good about someone or something that  doesn’t make you feel good.

“You’re also in the trap when you believe you should be happy simply  because you’re doing what you’ve been told will make you happy.”

Hugh Simpson

Avoiding The Identity Trap

Last post my mentor Harry Browne shared what is the IDENTITY TRAP.

Today he shares how to AVOID it!

1.”You are a UNIQUE individual — different from all other human beings. No one else has the exact same nature that you have; no one else reacts to things in exactly the way you do. No one else sees the world exactly as you do. No one can dictate what your identity should be; you are the best qualified person to discover what it is.

2. “Each individual is acting from his OWN knowledge in ways he believes will bring him happiness. He acts to produce the consequences he thinks will make him feel better.

3. “You have to treat things and people in accordance with their OWN identities in order to get what you want from them. You don’t expect a stone to be a fish. And it’s just as unrealistic to expect one person to act as someone else does. You don’t control the identities of people, but you can control how you deal with them.

4. “You view the world SUBJECTIVELY — colored by your own experience, interpretation, and limits of perception. It isn’t essential that you know the final truth about everything in the world; and you don’t have the resources to discover it.”

Hugh Simpson